Daryl Goes to Hollywood

​Daryl Chesley, VaASCD President, describes his recent experience at ASCD's Annual Conference. Daryl provides a ringing endorsement of a great professional learning experience, and doesn't even mention that there was an earthquake during his time in LA OR that his flight was canceled coming home! 

Daryl Goes to Hollywood

​Along with several other members of the VASCD Board and conference committee, I recently had the excellent opportunity to go 'star gazing' out in Los Angles.  With all the glitz and glamour associated with LA and Hollywood I was sure to see some of the premier 'box office smash hits'. I am now writing to confirm that I was not let down.  LA delivered!  Am I talking about a touristy trip to Hollywood?  No way!  I am talking about the 69th Annual ASCD Conference that recently wrapped up in Los Angeles, California.  

Talk about star power!  Daniel Pink and Sir Ken Robinson led the keynoters. It is amazing to see these presenters in person - and even more amazing is how accessible they make themselves for the rest of the conference.  Session presenters included Charlotte Danielson (who said hi to me when she came up an escalator and I happened to be standing there!), Michael Fullen, Mark Edwards, Art Costa, and Heidi Hayes Jacobs.  And what is even more cool than the fact that these huge names were presenting, is that before and after their sessions and all throughout the event they were approachable and in the mix with the rest of us! Imagine having a 'teacher assessment idea' and coming across Charlotte Danielson waiting in line to buy an ice cream, or sitting across the table and chatting up Art Costa over lunch!

Top- notch presentations by actual practitioners is another dramatic way to learn and a fantastic way to network. From the energetic and whimsical Ignite Presentations on Developing Teacher Leaders to the thought-provoking and reflective discussion on leading division wide change, there was something for everyone.

The "Great Hall of Vendors" provided attendees glimpses into the future offerings that so many companies are exploring; it also gave educators an opportunity to be exposed to all sorts of resources.

These are but a few examples of why the Annual ASCD Conference is the premier education conference in the world. So many thought leaders and passionate attendees gather together to raise their own level of professionalism.  Next year's conference will be in Houston, Texas. After you've registered for the Virginia ASCD Conference in Williamsburg in Early December, I highly recommend you consider attending the ASCD Annual Conference as well.  Let's have a large and enthusiastic crowd of Virginia educators next spring in Houston!