Virginia ASCD has the following standing committees: Resource Management, Conference, Program and Services, Influence, and Governance. Other committees may be appointed by the President.


The Governance Committee has the following duties:

• to identify potential vacancies on the board, including preparation of a slate of candidates for regional representatives in their election years,

• to assist with Board recruitment (could serve as Nominating Committee for openings),

• to assure that VASCD’s governance structure and policies are aligned with the requirements of ASCD affiliates,

• to develop and oversee the orientation and mentoring of new Board members,

• to recommend constitutional and policy changes to the Board,

• to determine how the Board needs to be educated/Board development, and

• to develop tool(s) to assess the work of the Board which can be used for future board development.


The Conference Committee has the following duties:

• to provide input to the Executive Director and Conference Chair regarding speakers, facilities, pricing, and all other aspects of major conferences, and

• to assist in the planning and on-site management of conferences.


The Programs and Services Committee has the following duties:

• to determine and oversee the design and delivery of timely, useful, and engaging professional development throughout Virginia to include selection of topics, presenters, best models of delivery, and locations for professional development,

• to coordinate and facilitate high quality professional development that is  consistent with the vision and mission of VASCD, and

• to coordinates awards, ongoing development of the website, and social media activities.


The Influence Committee has the following duties:

• to oversee VASCD’s advocacy efforts for policies and initiatives that promote effective instruction and meaningful accountability for all Virginia’s students and schools

• to develop policy position papers, talking points, and Q and A documents that follow VASCD’s mission and goals,

• to keep state and national legislators, the State Board of Education, and VASCD members informed on key educational issues, and

• to collaborate with educational organizations and governmental entities to promote quality education in Virginia.


The Resource Management Committee has the following duties:

• to oversee how VASCD plans for, generates, and uses resources in ways that advance the organization’s goals,

• to make recommendations to the Board for needed changes and for continuation of programs based on positive revenue streams,

• to forecast future predictions based on current operation of Board’s funds,

• to review accounting practices and arrange for an audit with an outside auditor,

• to implement investment strategies, and

• to oversee the preparation of the annual budget.