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Student-Centered Coaching

September 6-7, Blue Ridge Community College

Student-Centered Coaching introduces a new way of looking at and delivering coaching that puts the needs of students front and center. By focusing coaching on specific goals for student learning rather than "fixing" teachers, a coach can navigate directly towards a measurable impact and increased student achievement. This session is a great fit for K-12 instructional coaches as well as principals who are leading a coaching effort. 

Join ASCD and Diane Sweeney for this two-day institute, where you will:

    - learn how to implement the core practices for student-centered coaching;

    - develop tools and techniques for engaging teachers in coaching cycles; and

    - gain ideas for leading a coaching effort in your school or division.

    See the agenda here.

    Diane Sweeney is the author of Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves (2016), Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level (2013), Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principal (2010) and Learning Along the Way: Professional Development By and For Teachers (2003)

We're sorry. This session is full and registration is closed. We hope to see you at Annual Conference !

See Diane's video introduction to Student-Centered Coaching here.