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New Assessment, New Instruction

February 27 in Middletown or March 1 in Glen Allen

At its best, the use of performance-based assessment supports students' development of "*the five Cs", while engaging them in interesting and relevant work. How might teachers retool their existing lesson and unit plans to prepare students for these more complex and authentic tasks? In this session, teachers will bring or generate a task and set of criteria that could form the basis of a classroom performance assessment and rubric. With this assessment idea in mind, they will learn, discuss, and design instructional components that support student success on more challenging and complex assignments. 

* The five Cs as identified in Virginia are Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Citizenship.

Register here for the February 27 session led by Eric Carbaugh and Kristina Doubet at the Middletown Campus of Lord Fairfax Community College.

Meet Eric Carbaugh and Kristina Doubet.

Register here for the March 1 session led by Kristina Doubet in Glen Allen at The Place at Innsbrook.

Registrants download Handout Part 1

Registrants download Handout Part 2

If you are a current (2017) VASCD member, use the code 2017MEMBER for a 10% discount. Groups of 10 registering together on the same form may use the code 2017GROUP for a 10% discount.